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Built to eliminate the barrier between data and action.

Our mission is to fundamentally change the way people approach website analytics and experience optimization.

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For Marketers
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For Digital Marketing Agencies

We were frustrated with confusing tools that only told part of the visitors' journey. So we built our own intuitive solution.

Our team has been optimizing web experiences since 2009. In that time, not much has changed in the analytics world. Data has grown richer but the way we digest it hasn’t. Our goal is to change that by creating a solution that tightly couples visuals and data and allows marketers to see (and understand) the way visitors engage in the digital world.


How marketers have been doing it.

Funnel tools rely on assumptions of visitor behavior, while graphs are too far removed from the experiences they represent, leaving us guessing about what we are looking at, how to interpret it, and if it’s even accurate.

What makes us different.

Through our patented combination of visuals, data, and a layer of algorithms, Blue Green Analytics maps your visitors’ journeys and identifies optimization opportunities for you. This allows you to stop relying on assumptions and start seeing the blind spots in your web experiences that are holding you back from a more compelling and better-converting website.


Help us shape the future of web marketing analytics.