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An intuitive interface delivers a real-time, visual display of customer journeys—no rows, tables, or data wrangling—simply an understanding of what is happening and where to focus to make it better.

The future of analytics.

We have spent countless hours over the last few years building Blue Green Analytics—from the ground up.  Now we are bringing this powerful tool to the world and want you (yes, you) to be a part of it.

Unlock the potential of your website.

Point A to Point B Mapping

We're bringing the simplicity of mobile map and GPS navigation to web analytics.

The Optimization Index

Pages are scored based on key metrics to quickly identify what is and isn’t working on your site.

Real-time Data Visualization

Key metrics like visits, bounce & conversion rates when they matter most.

Seamless Implementation

Original, tag-based data capture compatible with industry standard tag management systems.

Sperse Customer Journey Flow

Help us shape the future of marketing analytics.

You won't remember what analytics was like before Blue Green Analytics.