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Map visitor journeys from visit to conversion.

Blue Green Analytics allows anyone to see how website visitors navigate, move through funnels, and reach conversion points.

One line of code
No credit card required
Free to use

Reveal your website's blind spots.

Stop making assumptions about your visitors and their web journeys. Start understanding them and seeing the paths they actually take.

What you think visitors are doing…

Illustration of an assumed visitor journey

What visitors are actually doing…

Illustration of a real visitor journey

Today's tools only tell part of the story.

Traditional funnel and mapping tools rely on assumptions about how your visitors behave, but we all know people don’t always behave how we expect.


Stop staring at confusing visuals.

Most tools, like Google Analytics, attempt to display visitor behavior flows, but fail to display them in intuitive, actionable ways.

See the journeys visitors take with a single click.

No rows, tables, or data wrangling — generate visitor journey maps and analyze web interaction with ease.



If you know how to use Google Maps or Waze, you can use Blue Green Analytics.


Data alone doesn’t always make sense—but when balanced with the right visuals, it can.


Let our algorithms highlight which pages need to be optimized to maximize conversion.


Find all the unexpected ways visitors are interacting with your site—people are full of surprises.

An analytics tool built for doers.

Illustration of a woman pointing


Visually analyze your target audiences' journeys across your entire website.

Illustration of a woman giving a thumbs up

UX Designers

See how visitors engage with experiences, and navigate information architectures.

Illustration of a man pointing


Map, analyze, and optimize your clients' digital visitor experiences with ease.

Blue Green Analytics flow filters

Sort through the noise and find answers instantly.

Filter visitor journeys by critical parameters and gain greater insight into site behavior and performance.

All with one line of code.

Analytics shouldn’t be complicated. Simply add the collection script directly to your website, or through a tag management system, and you’re good to go.


Our script is compatible with industry-standard content and tag management systems.


By combining visuals, data, and a layer of algorithms, optimization opportunities are identified for you.


With an understanding of visitor engagement, you can optimize, measure, and improve in real-time.
Compatibility across the board:

Pricing to help you grow.


0-5k sessions/mo

Free to use

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For websites with light visitor traffic

  • Unlimited journey mapping
  • 3 months of data retention
  • 3 users


5-15k sessions/mo

30-day free trial

Get in touch

For individuals and small marketing teams

  • Unlimited journey mapping
  • 6 months of data retention
  • 10 users


15-50k sessions/mo

30-day free trial

Get in touch

For larger and more complex web experiences

  • Unlimited journey mapping
  • 1 year of data retention
  • Unlimited users

For agencies, organizations that need custom solutions for their business, or websites with more than 50k sessions per month — let's talk about it.

Help us shape the future of web marketing analytics.