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The amazing team behind it all.

A small team with the goal to fundamentally change the way we approach web analytics and experience optimization.

Headshot of J.D. Greenfield

J.D. Greenfield

Head of Product Management & Strategy

Headshot of Michael Del Muro

Michael Del Muro

Head of Growth & Acquisition

Headshot of Ryan Cormier

Ryan Cormier

Head of Front-End Engineering

Headshot of Bhargav Lakkur

Bhargav Lakkur

Head of Back-End Engineering & Architecture

Headshot of Monil Shah

Monil Shah

Head of Customer Experience & Success

Headshot of Jeff Eckman

Jeff Eckman

Founder & CEO

Headshot of Deborah Eckman

Deborah Eckman

Lead Strategist & Advisor

Our trusted advisors

Anthony Leonardi

Pegasystems, Advanced Platform Specialist

Rinoti Amin

Malwarebytes, Director of Growth

Scott Brinker

HubSpot, VP of Platform Ecosystems; MarTech Conference, Chair

Susan Wagner

Marketing Strategy & Insights Executive, J&J, P&G, PepsiCo

Jerry Grochow

MIT VMS Mentor, Senior Consultant & Advisor, MIT Sloan PhD

Cathy Kang

Retired Coast Guard Commander, MIT Sloan Fellow

Gary Lubarsky

Marketing Executive, Formerly of IBM

Help us shape the future of web marketing analytics.